Ways To Diminish Oral Pain If You Suffer From Sensitive Teeth

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Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity, toothaches, or multiple other kinds of oral pain could range from mild to severe and might even be unpleasant enough to hurt someone's enjoyment of life. However, if oral discomfort is affecting your dental health at any level, there are effective options that may elevate your overall wellness. This blog details the most typical tooth sensitivity, tooth pain causes, and the ways our team at West Bridgewater Dental can aim to decrease the health concerns of West Bridgewater, MA patients.

When the gumline diminishes, the root of the tooth that was once covered by the gums is left uncovered. Tooth roots possess little channels known as tubules that travel directly to the nervous tissue of a tooth. If stimuli, such as warm or chilly food and drinks or the touch of a chargeable toothbrush, make contact with exposed tooth roots, your brain frequently reads it as tooth pain.

Experiencing sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures is quite common with West Bridgewater, MA people and may result from several origins, like:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Piercings inside the mouth
  • Tobacco use
  • Hereditary factors and how old you are
  • Overbite, underbite, or cross-bite
  • Periodontal disease
  • Misaligned or crowded teeth
  • Teeth clenching

Our staff at West Bridgewater Dental will suggest procedures for sensitive teeth according to the complication, the cause of gum deterioration, and the source of your pain. Gum transplants might be offered to improve the gumline and cover vulnerable roots. Different situations might be effectively fixed with tooth restorations to cover the exposed areas, such as dental fillings or full crowns.

Although sensitivity to varying temperatures can come about because of unprotected tooth roots, aches and other kinds of dental pain might occur from numerous issues.

  • Dental discomfort: Dental pain or toothaches might present as dull, twinging or intense, stabbing feelings. Oral discomfort causes may comprise oral issues, like cavities, decay, inflammation, chipped teeth, or bite unevenness. Additionally, impacted wisdom teeth could result in dental pain while they attempt to come in through the gums and bone. Rest assured, our staff is always available to help West Bridgewater, MA adults, teens, and kids conquer the indications of tooth pain and achieve a lovely smile again.
  • Periodontal sensitivity: The most common reason for tenderness in the gum tissue is inflammation as a result of periodontal disease. However, the gum tissues may also feel sensitive from hormonal issues, including throughout pregnancy, or because of a gingival abscess. A gum infection may result from periodontal disease or something as everyday as having a popcorn encasing wedged between the teeth.
  • Jaw discomfort: Mandibular discomfort is a symptom that can come from a number of conditions. Several of the most common include teeth clenching, impacted teeth, cysts in the jaw, or bone abscesses caused by diseased teeth. If jawbone pain is harming your oral wellness and comfort, the team at West Bridgewater Dental will evaluate your jawbone, take diagnostic images, and assess your concerns to determine the cause.
  • Temporomandibular joint pain: Temporomandibular joint discomfort is a common problem that numerous patients experience and can be caused by problems with the joint or in the neighboring internal structures. Issues that involve the TMJ could be due to teeth clenching, irregular tooth exterior, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), anxiety, and a wide range of various other complications.

Tooth sensitivity, discomfort, or various other oral concerns are signs that must be examined by a knowledgeable dentist. Several circumstances of dental discomfort might be minor and reasonably simple to address; however, others could notice more severe complications that have to have immediate treatment. If you want to find out the cause of your tender teeth, our talented team of experienced dental practitioners aims to help. Call West Bridgewater Dental right away to schedule an appointment if you feel any type of dental discomfort. Our West Bridgewater, MA dental care providers can talk about ways to diminish your sensitivity and enhance elevate your oral health and quality of life soon.

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