Reasons to Go With Medical-Grade Teeth Bleaching Over Drugstore Dupes

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Teeth lightening is a very popular dentistry treatment that's often offered these days. But because of the overwhelming quantity of teeth whitening treatments available, you may find yourself wondering if all are made the same. If age, eating, drinking, or cigarettes have stained the whiteness of your teeth, the dental experts at West Bridgewater Dental encourage you to discover more about your options for teeth lightening treatments in West Bridgewater, MA. Keep reading to find out about the factors that differentiate do-it-yourself products and professional-strength services and how this popular dental treatment could be just the right solution to brighten up the color of your teeth.

Teeth bleaching is a beneficial oral treatment to improve and lighten the look of a person's smile. Teeth whitening solutions can noticeably whiten the enamel shade of teeth that look:

  • Yellowed because of getting older or using tobacco
  • Discolored from certain foods, beverages, and other products
  • Stained from vitamins, supplements, or sickness
  • Dull

Though it could feel enticing to go out to the most accessible shopping center and find home-based brightening toothpaste, mouthwashes, or one-size-fits-all kits, it is critical to have reasonable aims as you use these options. OTC formulas, while relatively low-cost to purchase, generally contain a lower level of brightening power in relation to in-office teeth lightening treatments. However, at-home toothpaste and mouth rinses could be somewhat advantageous for helping to reduce external yellowing that can build up on your teeth. For teeth bleaching kits to work effectively, they must remain against the tooth surface for a certain amount of time. In general, these products are not able to create thorough outcomes like prescription-strength systems from a premier dentist.

More often than not, hardly anything could trump the perks of in-office teeth whitening options as it pertains to getting a significantly improved, more luminous smile. Visiting a teeth brightening dentist in West Bridgewater, MA to strengthen the appearance of your teeth with effective treatments may work as a terrific way to revive your appearance. Dental teeth brightening treatments from West Bridgewater Dental can provide major gains in comparison with drugstore solutions. Several of the top benefits are:

  • More efficient
  • More consistent results
  • A unique approach to treatment
  • Faster
  • More secure

In order to fit the goals of people who are well suited for medical-grade teeth whitening services, our excellent staff is happy to perform in-office and home-based brightening solutions. Our teeth bleaching professionals work one-on-one with each patient to develop a custom plan to allow them to accomplish their desired smile results. While many men and women favor in-office brightening services, other people determine that whitening from home on their own time works best according to their lifestyles. The expert team at West Bridgewater Dental is delighted to supply the following medical-grade smile brightening options:

Laser-assisted teeth whitening employs a powerful whitening gel and a special oral light to considerably hasten the bleaching method. After our team protects your teeth by coating the gums and other soft tissues with a barrier for protection, we coat a thin overlay of prescription-strength bleaching gel, shine our curing light facing your mouth, and permit the Zoom! method to go to work. The substance is cleaned off and reapplied in 15-minute increments, typically for 2 – 3 times. Zoom! in-office teeth bleaching can illuminate the tooth color by as many as eight shades in a single swift session.

If teeth whitening in the coziness of your own home comes across as more enjoyable, then our customized take-home whitening systems could be an ideal solution for your situation. This process consists of customized whitening trays and a special whitening gel to progressively lighten the teeth to desired outcomes. A number of patients choose to further the whitening treatment following Zoom! in-office services with a home-based product to provide their smile a glowing boost if it seems stained or minimized. To generate personal whitening trays, our skillful team will make impressions of your top and lower teeth. Using these impressions, a model of your teeth is cast and used to custom create your own unique mouth trays. Our dentists will then allow you to select the level of the home bleaching gel to employ based on your initial tone and intended outcome. Most of the time, the trays ought to fit comfortably and may be used for a great deal of time to come.

Every individual deserves to have a smile that enables them to feel confident, bright, and happy. But in many cases, appearance problems like darkened or dull teeth can stand in the way. If this is your circumstance, professional-strength teeth whitening services might be precisely the option you need to refresh your teeth. Professional-strength whitening solutions in West Bridgewater, MA provide excellent gains when compared with OTC alternatives, from better safety to improved results. Get in contact with our caring dentists at West Bridgewater Dental today to learn more about your choices for refining the look of your grin.

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