What Are the Leading Reasons for Removing a Tooth?

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For kids, losing a tooth is a special milestone that carries the guarantee of a visit from the tooth fairy. In adulthood, however, tooth loss definitely brings about a different sort of implication, and it can be an oral complication for numerous men and women. There are a multitude of reasons why women and men might encounter tooth loss or be a candidate for a tooth extraction at some point in their lives. These can comprise of situations such as irreparable damage and teeth that are fully or partially impacted.

The dentists and team at West Bridgewater Dental always strive to help patients preserve their adult teeth. However, if a tooth or teeth cannot be saved or repaired, an extraction can be the ideal solution for your smile. Our dentists encourage you to continue reading to discover the most typical factors that lead to tooth removal in West Bridgewater, MA individuals, what to expect as you recover, and the reason visiting a team who puts your health and comfort above everything else can make a significant difference in the outcome of your treatment.

An extraction is a standard dental procedure that could be recommended to elevate your overall health, comfort, and general wellness. The most prevalent reasons for pulling a tooth consist of:

  • Severe tooth decay or worn teeth
  • Crumbling and broken teeth
  • Partial or full tooth impactions
  • Jawbone loss
  • Severe periodontal disease
  • Tooth abscesses or infections
  • Baby teeth that don't fall out on their own
  • To prepare for orthodontic treatment
  • Wisdom teeth conditions
  • A crowded dental arch
  • Injuries or trauma

The wisdom teeth, also called third molars, commonly need to be taken out to maintain oral wellness. Oftentimes, these last molars do not have ideal space to emerge or could be partially or fully trapped in the jaw. The third molars could also contribute to overcrowding, cause problems for neighboring teeth, and elevate the chance of gingivitis and decay.

Tooth removal procedures have significantly improved and have become more streamlined over the years, making it more comfortable and easier than ever before to have teeth extracted. Your teeth may be removed through a simple tooth removal treatment, which is often recommended for teeth that are visible through the gum tissues and are easily taken out. A surgical extraction procedure is implemented for unerupted teeth or teeth that need to be broken into smaller fragments in order to be elevated out of the jaw. Before beginning a tooth removal process at West Bridgewater Dental, our caring doctors will completely numb the treatment area with a local anesthetic, and could administer relaxing sedation options so you can feel more comfortable. After the tooth has been removed from its socket, stitches might be utilized to protect the area and allow for proper healing.

In the days after a tooth extraction, it is essential to follow the post-treatment instructions as discussed by our West Bridgewater, MA dentists. These recommendations might encompass taking a prescribed antibiotic and/or non-prescription or prescription pain medications, as well as adhering to a soft food or liquid diet for several days. Our dentists may also encourage you to keep yourself from drinking through a straw, spitting, and using tobacco to protect the extraction area as you start to recover. In the event that the pulling of a tooth is required to uphold your dental wellness, our team can help you explore tooth replacement treatments to maintain your oral health and the cosmetic look of your smile.

If a tooth extraction is the suggested road to enhance your oral health, our dental team is ready to provide optimal care for your needs. The gifted professionals at West Bridgewater Dental have extensive training and experience in carrying out surgical and simple procedures to extract teeth that have advanced decay, are damaged beyond repair, are impacted in the gums or bone, or are no longer serving your oral health. If you think that you or a family member could need to have a tooth or teeth extracted, please book a tooth extraction visit at our West Bridgewater, MA state-of-the-art office to hear about your treatment options. Our staff looks forward to offering solutions to help you keep your smile healthy, vibrant, and beautiful!

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