What Can Contribute To Tooth Pain?

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Considering that oral discomfort is often thought of as a common concern, it's not shocking that many young and old patients have endured a toothache at one time or another in their life. The discomfort caused by toothaches ranges and can be a sign of another problem. Determining the root cause of a toothache must be left to our experts at West Bridgewater Dental. At our West Bridgewater, MA facility, we have the skills needed to look after patients with dental concerns and discover the most effective method to treat oral pain. In the event that the tooth pain persists for more than two days, think about scheduling a visit to our office today.

While cavities are generally considered the underlying instigator of dental pain, there are still other situations that could contribute to this problem as well, like oral tenderness, a broken tooth, sinusitis, or an infection. Many toothaches may be caused due to teeth whitening. In most cases, this kind of toothache is fleeting and results from the irritation of dental nerves caused by the active component in whitening formulas. Injured teeth can also cause tremendous pain and an array of various other dental issues.

At West Bridgewater Dental, we perform immediate dental treatments to lessen your pain and successfully restore your tooth. Certain unrelated sicknesses (like a sinus infection) could also cause an increase of pressure in the sinus passages, causing temporary tooth pain. An abscess may develop because of disregarded tooth decay and can result in major tooth discomfort. A root canal or extraction is often required to address this problem and restore your wellness.

Several of the typical symptoms of a toothache are lasting or "come-and-go" oral pain, fever, headaches, redness in the gum tissues, and bad-tasting drainage from the tooth. It’s necessary to stop by West Bridgewater Dental soon to address a toothache that has persisted for many days and has resulted in ear pain, fever, or discomfort when chewing.

Completing an overall evaluation and asking about your medical history is the first step to identify the cause of tooth pain and relieve it. We will evaluate your mouth, gum tissues, teeth, bone tissues, tongue, and throat comprehensively. Conducting an x-ray allows us to evaluate the interior of the enamel to locate cavities that may be resulting in this discomfort. A few efficient options we perform at our West Bridgewater, MA practice to reverse a toothache consist of composite fillings, extractions, or root canal therapy.

In most cases, the easiest way to steer clear of toothaches is to stick to a good home-based oral care system. Twice-daily brushing and flossing can stop the accumulation of plaque, which is considered the main cause of decay. Yearly exams and biannual cleanings make sure that oral issues are fixed sooner instead of in the future. This lets the dental care providers at our West Bridgewater, MA office identify hidden disorders before they cause a toothache. A high-quality eating plan has also been shown to help stop the accumulation of tooth decay. Meals that contain calcium can keep the enamel in good shape, making it less likely for microbes to permeate.

When you’re dealing with any uncommon oral pain, like a toothache, it’s critical to contact our dental care professionals at West Bridgewater Dental as soon as you can. We will help fix your toothache with efficient dental care solutions. When you attend regular dental exams, you can lessen your odds of winding up with tooth pain later on. We urge you to get in touch with us today to set up your consultation at our West Bridgewater, MA office.

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