Discover The Optimal Treatment Choices To Correct A Cracked Tooth

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Specific dental problems including toothaches, chipped teeth, or a dislodged tooth require urgent care from a certified dental professional. Though the external layer that protects the teeth is typically durable, it has its limits. Our dental professionals in West Bridgewater, MA provide urgent dental care you need it. At West Bridgewater Dental, our team works to efficiently address a damaged tooth to relieve the discomfort you’re having.

Some individuals may not even recognize that one of their teeth has been chipped following a trauma. A broken tooth may or might not have tooth pain accompanied with it. Either way, if discomfort shows up with the damaged tooth or not, it needs to be addressed immediately. At West Bridgewater Dental, we perform thorough oral checkups to assess the scope of the harm from your broken tooth. Once we figure out the degree of the damage, our team will produce an individualized treatment plan that will fix your smile quickly and effectively.

Once you notice you've broken a tooth, you need to seek care from an experienced dentist in West Bridgewater, MA right away. Typically, you don't need immediate treatment if you aren't in extreme pain. However, if you do feel serious pain, prompt care needs to be sought out to address the dental injury. Keeping a cracked tooth untreated can lead to major discomfort, an infection, or the need for additional invasive and costly services, like an endodontic treatment.

Choosing the ideal procedure for each case is our staff's most important goal. At West Bridgewater Dental, our dentists consider your personal oral wellness issues. Depending on the severity of the chip, we can offer tooth caps, bonding and contouring, or an endodontic therapy. If a large section of the tooth breaks off or has severe deterioration, our dentist could file away a section of the enamel and protect it using a dental cap. The piece is individually made to fit over the entire tooth according to your jaw alignment, making it a reliable option.

To fix minor breaks and to close a region of a tooth, bonding and contouring could be provided. It is a simple service that doesn’t demand local anesthesia. The same resin used for oral fillings is implemented for the bonding approach. Our dental care provider will begin by distributing a bonding material, followed by the composite resin. After we adjust the resin to provide a seamless look, our team will employ a type of light to solidify the resin. Our team will then polish it for a nice finish.

In the case that a break is big enough to show the inner chamber of the tooth, a root canal might be performed. Root canal treatment (additionally referred to as therapy) is conducted at our West Bridgewater, MA practice by eradicating the infected pulp and thoroughly cleansing the canals. The tooth is generally sealed with a dental crown.

Each member of our talented staff at West Bridgewater Dental is here for you to perform prompt dental treatments. Our clients in West Bridgewater, MA know that we are available to help soothe any oral concerns. Whether your problem is a cracked tooth or a more severe injury, we will work to help restore your smile with customized restorative procedures that are ideal for your dental health.

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