Helpful Approaches to Ward Off Tooth Decay

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Dental knowledge is critical in the act of keeping dental caries, periodontal disease, and other issues at bay. Our team at West Bridgewater Dental believes in teaching individuals about prevention. When these issues impact your dental health, they’re often more difficult to take care of, costly, and time-consuming. Ideal dental hygiene is the most critical factor when it comes to making sure your mouth is in its best condition. Our West Bridgewater, MA team is excited to give you some proactive tips to help make sure your teeth are clean, reliable, and lovely for the long term.

  • Flossing your teeth is essential. Brushing on its own isn’t sufficient in making sure cavities are kept at bay. Flossing is a critical step that many individuals forgo. Flossing reaches areas that brushes can’t get to, as well as helps to eliminate objects lodged between the teeth. This easy practice is great at helping to diminish the risk of decay.
  • Pay attention. The instant you experience the signs of tooth decay, it’s crucial to go to the dentist for an exam. Usually, the initial indication of tooth decay is constant dental soreness. You may feel a stinging pain once you eat or drink something hot or cold. As tooth decay advances, you might get migraines, toothaches, tooth discoloration, and holes.
  • Help your kids. Children love to copy their parents. In most cases, parents are the first ones to show children how to clean their teeth, so it’s vital to be a proper example. Scheduling routine cleanings is also another approach to teach them the value of keeping up with good dental hygiene.
  • Get fluoride treatments for protection. Most dentists recommend regular fluoride treatments for children starting at six up to the time they’re out of their teen years. However, in the event that an adult is prone to ending up with dental caries, a professional fluoride treatment might be incredibly advantageous to their dental wellness. Our knowledgeable dentists in West Bridgewater, MA perform fluoride treatments and might recommend a prescription fluoride toothpaste, mouthwash, or tablets to use between cleanings.
  • Ask about dental sealants. Tooth sealants are a great option for avoiding decay. Sealants are a flexible, plastic material that is put on the tops of the back teeth, also known as the premolars and molars. Oral sealants can help to decrease the individual's likelihood of dental caries in these areas since the crevices on your back teeth can trap harmful bacteria and cause the teeth to be more prone to cavities.
  • Go to your dentist every six months. Routine dental cleanings and examinations are essential when it comes to not only brushing your teeth but also examining the condition of your oral health. Your dental health is based on being aware of what’s going on in your mouth. During your consultation, your tooth surfaces will be brushed and polished. Then, your dental professional will perform a detailed assessment of your teeth to identify budding problems. The quicker the oral disorders are identified, the quicker treatment can start.
  • Chew sugarless gum. A majority of patients aren't aware that sugarless gum may help prevent tooth decay. Chewing gum promotes an increase in saliva production in the mouth. This is relevant because saliva is the primary agent responsible for both offsetting and washing away the acid from things we eat that could possibly diminish your teeth’s enamel, resulting in decay.
  • Eat and drink tooth-healthy items. The microbes that lead to tooth decay produce acid using the sugar contained in food and drinks. Sugary foods and drinks lay the groundwork for cavities to develop. It's important to be aware of what you and your children are eating and drinking. When you consume food or a beverage that has a large amount of sugar, it's encouraged to clean your teeth right away.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day. Though this could sound obvious, cleaning your teeth two times a day with dentist-approved toothpaste is an effective way to avoid decay. Try singing a song in your head while you brush your teeth for no less than 120 seconds.
  • Use mouthwash regularly. Mouthwash is vital as an extra protection against tooth decay. After brushing your teeth, you may use mouthwash to help further minimize harmful bacteria and tartar.

Learn the proper approach to clean your teeth

When it’s time to schedule regular dental cleanings and examinations for your loved ones, we encourage you to call our general care dentistry office in West Bridgewater, MA for your consultation. These needed and preventive exams and cleanings will keep dental caries and different concerns from forming. Plus, you’ll surely enjoy how clean your teeth are after your biannual cleanings. Our highly qualified dentists and staff will help you to feel at ease and discuss the treatment techniques step-by-step. We can't wait to see you at West Bridgewater Dental.

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