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what is emergency dental care?

When injuries occur, our board-certified dentists are here to provide emergency care at our state-of-the-art West Bridgewater, MA practice. Common dental injuries include broken and chipped teeth, and teeth that have been knocked out. Incidents could be caused by chewing hard on crunchy foods, an accident when playing sports, a bad fall, or a blunt-force trauma. You may or might not feel discomfort, but it's important to have your mouth assessed following an accident to evaluate for any damage. At West Bridgewater Dental, we'll consistently make your dental emergency a priority by offering fast, efficient care along with steps to protect against future issues.

who is a good candidate for emergency dentistry?

There's a good chance you may require urgent dental care if a restoration or tooth becomes dislodged, you're in pain, or you have a cracked or abscessed tooth. In some events, you might be uncertain as to how fast you require treatment (for example, a loose restoration or tooth, an injury that doesn't result in bleeding or pain, or a chip in a tooth). Whenever you experience dental trauma that impacts your gums, teeth, or jaw, it's important to contact our office right away. Our caring, highly experienced dentists will be able to help you determine when to come in, offer strategies to reduce any pain or discomfort, and inform you on how to store your tooth or dental restoration until you arrive at our office. Even minor injuries may result in larger issues if not handled as soon as possible and typically require immediate emergency care.

what should I expect in an emergency dental clinic?

Each dental emergency is different. During your consultation, our team of dentists will thoroughly evaluate your mouth before making a diagnosis to determine the best treatment option for your needs. X-rays might be required to evaluate additional problems. After we assess and understand the degree of your oral condition, our doctors will speak with you about your options and develop a treatment plan. You may require one or a number of visits to restore your oral health following a dental emergency.

what should i expect after my emergency dental visit?

Depending on your individual needs, we'll provide instructions to help you recover following your procedure at West Bridgewater Dental. Our team may give you a prescription for pain medication or antibiotics, which must be used as directed. We'll also determine if you should make an appointment for a different treatment or a follow-up examination. After your dental emergency is treated, you can speak with our doctors about methods to prevent potential accidents, including a custom-made mouth guard that's worn when playing contact sports. It's important to continue to stick to a regular home oral hygiene routine with daily flossing and brushing to help keep your gums and teeth healthy and strong. Our dentists will continue to observe your recovery progress during your yearly dental examinations at West Bridgewater Dental.

are emergency dental appointments covered by insurance?

If you're using dental insurance, we'll contact your insurer to review your coverage after we've established your treatment plan. We also accept several payment methods and can assist you in getting low-interest financing to help make your care more affordable if you aren't using dental insurance. Please don't delay handling a dental emergency due to concerns over cost as waiting or avoiding care could lead to larger and more serious issues.

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oral care you can count on

If you're experiencing bleeding or pain, or you've suffered an injury to your teeth, gums, or jaw, call West Bridgewater Dental for urgent dental care. Our compassionate, skilled dental team will help resolve your pain and treat any injuries to your gums, teeth, jawbone, or dental restorations. Speedy treatment is the key to preserving your oral well-being and preventing potential future issues. Please don't hesitate to contact our office in West Bridgewater, MA for emergency dental care.

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