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Gum (periodontal) disease is a condition of inflammation in the gums, which may lead to critical damage to your oral health. There are several stages of periodontal disease that range from mild to advanced. The very first phase is gingivitis, which is brought on by plaque accumulation under and around the gumline. Without treatment, gingivitis may develop into the next phase called periodontitis, which impacts the fibers and bone that support your teeth. Advanced periodontitis is the last phase of periodontal disease and may cause tooth mobility and tooth loss. To treat gum disease and its effects, West Bridgewater Dental provides both surgical and nonsurgical treatments, including scaling and root planing, gum grafts, gum surgery, and tooth extractions. When you have symptoms of a periodontal infection, get in touch with our office in West Bridgewater, MA to schedule an examination with our multi-specialty team of board-certified dentists.

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It's easy to overlook the sign of gingivitis, or the first stage of gum disease, which is why it's very important to schedule yearly dental examinations at West Bridgewater Dental. This provides our team with a chance to check your gums and identify and address the problem before it affects your mouth and general well-being. As periodontal disease progresses, you may experience signs and symptoms that include swollen or red gums, bleeding when flossing and brushing, a receded gumline, and chronic halitosis (bad breath). In the advanced phase of periodontal disease, you may also feel discomfort when chewing and sensitivity to cold and hot foods. It's necessary to schedule an appointment if you're seeing any of these signs so the disease can be addressed before it further impacts your oral and systemic health.

What to Expect

Your periodontal treatment will be based on the severity of the disease. If our experienced team determines you have periodontal disease, we'll review the options best suited for your treatment plan. Gingivitis often is treated with a thorough dental cleaning along with proper oral home care techniques. In the periodontitis stage, scaling and root planing (SRP) may be performed to clean out your gum (periodontal) pockets and control the infection. Advanced cases of periodontitis normally call for gum surgery, like pocket reduction.


Your recovery period will vary based upon the stage of gum disease and treatment program. You might need to have a number of appointments at West Bridgewater Dental to completely address your periodontal condition. After your dental health is restored, you must continue attending regular dental exams and cleanings at West Bridgewater Dental, which may occur more frequently due to your periodontal condition. It's also important to keep up a daily home dental hygiene regimen, including thorough flossing and brushing. Our dentists may also suggest an antibacterial mouthwash to minimize the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth.

Insurance Coverage

Expenses for gum disease therapy will depend upon the extent of your condition, as well as the processes required. If you're using dental insurance, then our office will talk to your insurance provider to ascertain what they'll cover and if there'll be any out-of-pocket expenses. West Bridgewater Dental accepts several payment methods, making paying for treatment convenient if you won't be using dental insurance. We'll also be happy to help you to find medical financing to cover the cost of your care. Do you have concerns about costs? Please speak to our knowledgeable, caring team during your consultation. Not going to the dentist due to financial concerns can lead to larger problems and costlier care.

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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease can worsen if you don't get the correct therapy so it's crucial to seek expert help when any signs occur. At West Bridgewater Dental, we work with you to restore your gum health and avoid the progression of periodontal disease. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our expert team, contact our office in West Bridgewater, MA today.

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